Do you want to live amazing experiences in Mykonos? Here in Hotel Eleftheria we suggest amazing customade experiences for our guests. Whether you are looking for something traditional, or a more relaxing and luxurious experience, we have always strived to offer something different authentic and memorable. Hotel Eleftheria entices you to explore Mykonos hidden treasures by a traditional boat or with a luxury yacht. The hotel is easily accessible to the most stunning, hidden beaches and grafic spots of Mykonos. Every kind of boat in the bay of ornos is ready to cruise in every famous and undiscovered beach of Mykonos. Also, exciting adventures are waiting you to korfos Beach (Kite – Surfing beach of Mykonos), if you are a beginner kitesurfer you can do lessons otherwise you can rent or bring your equipment and you are ready to cross the crystal clear waters of Mykonos!

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